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Default Re: Should AGE OF APOCALYPSE be released in 2 Parts?

we wouldn't be able to, and that's my point exactly

You need the Astonishing team, sabretooth, blink, morph, rogue, and sunfire, battling holocaust
you need the Amazing team, quicksilver and co, freeing the US and fighting the other horsemen.
you need Weapon X, showing Jean and Logan's dealings with the humans and the nuclear payload they bring
Not to mention a ton of focus on Magneto, Nightcrawler going to find destiny's diaries, Gambit and the X-ternals going accross the galaxy to get the M'kraan fragment, and Sinister's experiments with Nate Grey.

You could cut some of these elements, but it wouldnt be the same story, and it wouldn't be nearly as good.
I place AoA up there with UXF as among the best, and most un-adaptable, X-Men stories ever

So for me, with those two stories in particular, it's all or nothing
And since we'll never get "all" I vote for "nothing"

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