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Default Re: 8 years of no Batman or Bruce Wayne, and NO ONE could pick up the trend?

Originally Posted by Tequilla View Post

"You have a practiced apathy, Mr. Wayne. But a man who doesn't care about the world doesn't spend half his fortune on a plan to save it. And isn't so wounded when it fails that he goes into hiding."

Miranda is talking about Bruce Wayne spending on...Batman ? To save the world ? Not the clean energy project ? Not the investment she also made ? The same investment that Lucius tells him made Wayne Enterprises loose lots of money ?

What ?

I agree with you that Bruce and Batman is sorta a ridiculous secret. After a while everyone would pick up clues. But the premise for your theory clashes with the text of the film. It's factually wrong.

Lucius The timeline is very clear
i'm sorry but I still see that as talia being subtle with the fact that she knows he's batman. she knows gotham city is his world and how desperately he wanted to salvage it and that 2face put a hiccup in that idea.

and i'm not even saying that bruce and batman was a ridiculous secret, I just thought it was silly how one returned after the other in this movie and no one picked it up.

regardless though, it's interesting this thread has picked up 5 pages but that's partially due to the fact that it just became a thread culminating of complaints about the film which I could have foreseen happening

i said it once and I'll say it again. this is a good movie, but it is seriously flawed, is all.

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"some guy" sounds like an idiot
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'you know what let this discussion go.'
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