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Default Re: 8 years of no Batman or Bruce Wayne, and NO ONE could pick up the trend?

Originally Posted by shauner111 View Post
No but what happens to Gotham once Bruce is no longer Batman? Is there just no more Batman? I find that dull. Im sure Batman Beyond fans do as well.
That's the conundrum of having an end to something. Something that's inescapable of the actual TDKR we got.

Dull? But think about this. Blake becomes the new Batman and that legacy goes on, correct? What happens next? Those orphans from Wayne Manor take up the mantle next? Maybe that little Mark orphan kid? And this just goes on and on and on? So Gotham will never truly be "saved" really without an orphan Batman, that's dull and definitely not as special as that original conception with Bruce Wayne.

It's the same irony of the other interpretations of Batman that is obsessed and waging a one man war on eliminating crime. There's no way to do it, it's impossible. You'll never eliminate deviant behavior and there will always be crime. Batman really has no end game, he's a byronic hero.

So in that light, does that make Batman a dull or lame character? Only if you think about it. That's the thing with legends, it's usually the same story told and interpreted differently. A legends thrives on uncertainty without real resolution. So really, a Batman that ends IS dull. Not saying it can't happen, it has, but are those stories ever the favorite ones? Not really. That's why I feel it probably would have been better to simply end with Batman riding off in the Batpod into the night, western style. That's an END to Batman.

And I see you constantly bring up Batman Beyond. Bruce was Batman to WHATEVER bitter end. There was no retirement for him. Can we really say the same about Bale Bruce? No. He never thought in his mind that he was Batman, let alone call himself that in his own conscious. Beyond Bruce, Dark Knight Returns Bruce, pretty much all the Batmen fight till the day they die. That's the difference between them and Nolan Batman. The others still have a legacy contingent, but that doesn't mean they call it quits. That to me is more fulfilling and "Batman" than handing it down to someone you barely know, without training, and going to a cafe Italy, which is what happened.

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