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Default Re: Captain America 2: News and Speculation - Part 10

Blech, really sick of the anxiousness to kill Cap. Falls in line with everyone's yearning for BIG, EPIC moments of the comics to come to fruition without understanding the context of why it mattered before. Leave the guy alone. Maybe give one of the biggest icons of the Marvel universe a chance to breathe in at least a trilogy before sadistically murdering him because comics?

The third film will be tricky, since they're really hammering in the "Man Out Of Time" aspects of Steve in TWS. But they've surprised me before with a clever character arc for Tony in IM3, so we'll see what they got. Maybe the reprucussions of Ultron will put him in a different place than we've seen him before.

edit: I'm of course speaking more in regards to the personal journey than the plot itself.

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