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Default Re: Is Wonder Woman gonna fly?

Originally Posted by Loki882 View Post
Her fighting style should also be quite different from Superman's. Whenever the whole "Superman vs. WW, who is stronger" debate comes up, my response is this. Superman might be somewhat stronger from a purely physical perspective, but WW is more skilled at combat. Superman's fighting style, especially in MOS, is very direct and improvised since he's had no formal training. WW, on the other hand, has been trained to by a warrior basically from birth by a race of highly-skilled female warriors. I feel like her combat style in the movie should be more refined/diverse, as opposed to the "punch people in the face and keep punching" style of Superman. Heck, maybe she even gives him some tips for a more efficient fighting technique.
It would be cool if Wonder Woman's flight feels more like she's floating under water. Like with he way here hair moves. Make her flying feel mystical. Superman looks like he's floating in 0 gravity. Wonder Woman's body and hair should move like its underwater. She should fly not swim but it should feel like here body is floating under water when she's just floating in one place.

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