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Default Re: Official WOLVERINE AND THE X-MEN Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by Specter313 View Post
In the announcement last month that Paul Cornell’s Wolverine series will be relaunching in 2014 and will show Wolverine pulling back from his various commitments in the Marvel U, the question of his role going forward at the Jean Grey School is high of concern for the faculty, staff and most importantly the readers. Latour explains that the school is “built on the back of” Wolverine, but things have changed

“But now Logan is mortal and for the first time he’s being forced to take stock of what he’s built,” the writer explains. “He’s realizing that what he saw as a school could, in the wrong hands, become a factory for the next Cyclops or Dark Phoenix or Apocalypse or Weapon X. That though people like Storm are ready and willing to take the mantle, he’s not sure that he wants to subject them to the price of that duty.”

I'm all for Logan not being on every team ever, but is anybody really interested in stories where Wolverine gets his ass kicked even harder?! The healing factor was the one thing that gave Logan his edge, not to mention how important it is for his other power, what with the adamantium poisoning and the constantly having blades pierce his knuckles. Plus his longevity, the fact that he outlives all those he loves, those are the things that make him an interesting character to explore. A normal mortal hero with blades coming out of his hands is not nearly as interesting as the ageless ronin. At this point, I'm almost hoping they do kill him off this year, so when he gets resurrected in another year, he'll come back with all his powers. I blame the new movie as well as Paul Cornell for this really poor and uninteresting direction for the character.

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