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Default Re: Is Wonder Woman gonna fly?

Originally Posted by charl_huntress View Post
Sure I get that. I am somewhat familiar with her and not just her past 30 years of history. My point is the flying was added to make her more like Superman, which was not a good thing in my opinion. I prefer her more grounded as an amazing Amazonian fighter who doesn't fly. Again though, I'm not saying she can't, but I would prefer she didn't for all the reasons I have stated previously in this thread an in others. It's more that I would expect that type of creature on an alien planet. I'm not sure how a flying mythical beast of legend would be explained in this world. If they are going to add the Greek gods and stuff then sure. It can happen, but the way MOS played I can't really envision that happening in this world.
It's like how a platypus looks like two animals put together and we view it as normal. Pegasus isn't a complicated concept for an animal species native to Themyscira.

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