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Default Re: Bruce Wayne's public image

I think that since we've got Ben Affleck playing Bruce/Bats anyway, it might make sense for Bruce Wayne to sort of be a celebutard. Annoying playboy dating the Kim Kardashian/J-Lo types getting caught by the paparazzi eating pizza and looking like a slob. The kind of dude who you just want to slap, and who gets nothing but hate on the internet. I mean, just look at the initial reaction to his casting. It almost broke the internet.

Now imagine that Batman were REAL, and in our world, and as bad ass as he's ever been.

Would you *ever* guess that celebutard Affleck *WAS* Batman???

The paparazzi angle makes it tricky, since obviously a guy who is constantly hounded is going to have a hard time sneaking away to be Batman.

But if there were a happy middle ground in which Bruce Wayne was kind of a Bono-esque, you-just-wanna-slap him ninny by day, and literally the most brutal, disciplined, ferocious hero at night... it'd be cool and believable.

If not that, he should have almost no public persona outside of the realm of the super rich people whose names you also don't know in real life.

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