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Default Re: Is Wonder Woman gonna fly?

Originally Posted by ThePowerCosmic View Post
How is it a retcon? We haven't seen that much of the universe yet so no rules can be set. For example, if we haven't seen Themyscira how can we declare what exists there and what doesn't? And just because Superman is in it does not make this the MOS universe. Batman is in this, Diana is in this, etc. It is their universe just as much, meaning it is a United DC Universe like the comics. The MCU is not the Iron Man universe just because it started with him.
Goyer went on and on about this universe was grounded in reality and about how Superman was put in a realistic world. He was the odd element that people were to react to. And he was used in a Sci-fi sort or way. WW is neither sci-fi, nor realistic. They don't have to say that Themyscira doesn't exist for it to seem retcon-ish. Creating a semi-realistic world with sci-fi and then then having magic and Pegasus and Amazons in the next movie seems like they just threw her in there and changed what this universe is by doing so. And this isn't the MOS universe? So they took Superman out of the universe they created in MOS and threw him into this DC universe that has no rules? Seems odd. And very unappealing to me. But before everyone throws tomatoes, please note that this is just my preference.

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