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Default Re: Is Wonder Woman gonna fly?

Originally Posted by roach View Post
it's not a retcon…a retcon is like if they said magic doesn't exist and then this movie says it does.
The universe they created makes it seem like it wouldn't exist. I mean, remember that 4th Indiana Jones movie and how odd all that alien stuff came off? And yet magical things in previous movies were ok? They never went out and said aliens didn't exist, but the universe they created didn't allow for it.

Originally Posted by roach View Post
We know this movie was going to lead into a Justice League movie…obviously there would be some other elements introduced. Del Toro is working on Justice League Dark which will feature all the magic characters. This universe has magic we just haven't seen it yet.
I know Superman isn't realistic. He's sci-fi. I already said the mos universe allows for sci-fi. But fantasy is a different thing entirely. Mixing all these seems...Disney-ish or something. And this movie isn't a Del Toro movie.

It's not that I don't understand this, it's that I don't like it. I feel it lowers the stakes when anything is possible in a given universe.

I've never liked mixing mythology into sci-fi. It works in the comics, but I can't picture how it can avoid being cheesy in live action.

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