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Default Re: War Machine Better Be in This One

Originally Posted by DaddlerTheDalek View Post
That's Great News! But I'm not sure if we even get to see the Iron Patriot or War Machine Armor. It could be just Rhodey.
Or, it could be Rhodey as Iron Man.

Rhodey wore the red and yellow a ton of times in the comics, especially whenever Tony was on a binge drunk, feeling sorry for himself.

For the record, I see a less than zero percent chance that Joss Whedon is going to pull the old "black guy always dies first" trope on Don Cheadle. I think Rhodey's "key role" will simply be in squaring off against an Ultron-controlled Tony Stark. Because, if Ultron hacks into Extremis/Bleeding Edge armor and essentially takes over Tony's mind (really: if anyone hasn't read this exact storyline in Mighty Avengers, circa 2007, yet, do so, and all will be made clear), then Besties Rhodey is the ideal candidate to bring Stark out of it. And it'd be a nice callback to the Steve vs. Mind****ed Bucky conflict we're going to see in CATWS.


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