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Default Re: Rank the Iron Man movies (IM, IM2, and IM3)

Originally Posted by XtremelyBaneful View Post
this is a very valid point. however, you have to admit that if a mass amount of people have the same opinion it has to come with merit. so that's when you delve into the subject yourself to see if you agree with them or not, I just have not done that yet
Not always, and the fallout from this movie is actually a perfect example of why that isn't the case. Prior to, the folks complaining about Kingsley's portrayal were in the very small minority; the majority was waiting in anticipation. At least a couple of weeks afterwards, comic book dogma reared its ugly head again. The two positions are completely contradictory. When you also consider the fact that most people can't accurately articulate what a comic book accurate Mandarin is in the first place, the whole thing becomes even more dubious. To them, the comic Mandarin is some Chinese dude with magic rings. The interesting part is that neither designation is completely accurate, yet this is what so-called fans desperately wanted...after the fact. Jonestown and the Branch Davidians were a couple examples of a "mass of people" as well...I wouldn't consider their beliefs as having much merit either.

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