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Who dies? That is simple:

Marvel is not killing of Rhodey. One of my main beefs with the MCU is the lack of diversity on the Avengers. No way does Marvel kill off one of only two black superheros in the MCU, especially when we don't know if they will ever debut T'Challa (I believe they would, especially if Ultron is made completely of Vibranium) or Monica Rambeau. We don't even know if Luke Cage is even going to be an Avenger.

My MCU Rankings: 1. The Avengers- 9/10, 2. Captain America: The Winter Soldier- 9/10, 3. Guardians of the Galaxy- 9/10 , 4. Iron Man- 8.5/10, 5. Captain America: The First Avenger- 8/10, 6. Thor- 8/10, 7. Iron Man 2- 7.5/10, 8. Thor: The Dark World- 7/10, 9. Iron Man 3- 7/10, 10. The Incredible Hulk- 6/10
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