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Default Re: War Machine Better Be in This One

Rhodey was looking into the 10 rings terrorist cells.

Turns out they were false fronts for another group in the IM3 prelude comic...It still could be that they are not false fronts for who we think they were, i.e. AIM. And that both AIM and the 10 rings groups are false fronts. There could be a lot of things Hydra has set up as false fronts.
There's no way they can kill off War Machine. i think it's exactly as Cherokeesam says, he will have to help take down a Tony who gets his mind/body/suits hacked and stops Tony and others from making bad decisions.
Tony might have a lot of things wrong with his mind from beforehand that he doesn't even know about. The mind tech elements might have to rely on programming the brain like a computer + a lot of tricks from hypnotism, which makes it completely different from what Loki tried to do to Stark in Avengers.

Trigger words like "the mechanic" and Harley's suggestion pushing him to "fix" things have planted triggers in advance in his subconsciousness... When he passed out, that's when the real Mandarin invaded his dreams and started editing Harley into the memory to exploit his repressed daddy issues and crack his subconscious completely... Tony wasn't going completely crazy, his panic attacks were saving him/keeping them out after he linked the suit to his mind, and it is his subconsciousness that has been messed with to force him to solve Extremis. Jarvis and Stark get hypnotised and hacked by Ultron and techno demon Mandarin...Killian is secretly Fin Fang Foom, the Dragon. You can never know a person's true character until you pierce their outer shell, and he breathed fire and controlled fire better than other Extremis users, will ultimately reveal his true form and did create the Mandarin in a way, so he feels that idea was him, but he is actually more symbolic of the actual dragon, and as the filmmakers said Fin Fang Foom is sort of hidden in IM3...Rhodey and Killian's fire breathing are "connected", Rhodey wondered why he breathed fire. Killian named and created the Mandarin persona, as adviser to the would-be king, but once you give someone a name it changes them...Killian may eventually reveal his true inner form, through inner space...Our minds and every atom in our bodies are connected to every other atom in the universe, Killian's true dragon form will later emerge from within after Mandarin returns and Rhodey will have to battle it in its fully transformed fire-breathing glory, after its genetics and particles rearrange. As Stark takes on the techno demon who has secretly invaded his mind...

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