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Default Re: Rank the Iron Man movies (IM, IM2, and IM3)

Originally Posted by XtremelyBaneful View Post
whoever said internet fanboys were the only ones complaining? i know people from ghetto ass queens who saw im3 and were very unhappy with it. and it's quite more than a handful of fans on an internet forum. i'm sure there are some here, so there's this forum, and then ign, and facebook, and (possibly) millions of others.
It's the internet, where anything is Bandwagon approach. Not to mention, it's a fairly mixed reaction with audiences alike anyways. Some liked it, some loved it, some hated it, others were indifferent. Movies don't make a billion dollars because people hate it. Hell, I've accepted the GA loves Transformers, although *some people on the internet may not*.

More examples of Bandwagoning :

Sam Raimi hate after SM3 came out (I acknowledge not everyone loved SM1/SM2 pre-SM3.)
A bit of distaste for Nolan after TDKR
Deadpool suddenly had this massive fanbase after WO

This is my design.

Originally Posted by Tacit Ronin View Post
The way SONY dominated Marc Webb was way more hardcore than anything in 50 Shades anyways.
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