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Default Will Superman have a new costume in Man Of Steel Sequel?

I think he should. All this talk about the new batsuit, but does anyone else think it's a possibility we could get a new Superman suit? I'd be happy if he opted for a less "alien"/treaded look on the suit and let him look more like, well...SUPERMAN in it, with vibrant colors and a better suit texture that looks less like snake skin/chainmail and maybe even the "s" curl (the only superheroes who should be in chainmail are Captain America and Aquaman, maybe - possibly Thor)). Cavill could look like Superman walking off the page of a comic if they let him, look at this screen test pic:

I'd be fine with something like that, in color at least. That shot alone there looks more like Superman than almost anything we saw in MOS (I liked the MOS cape though and how it went into the shirt - best thing about that suit, the cape and the boots, practically identical to the comics).

I believe that the world is ready for Superman to look more like Superman.

What do you think?

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