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Default Re: War Machine Better Be in This One

Tony says "no it's not" when "Harley" says the Iron Patriot name is better.

I do believe that a lot of elements are kind of like secret avengers, and CA2 is almost like an Avengers 1.5, or kinda like a Secret Avengers movie. There could even be a purposeful sort of homage to the Metal gear solid games.
There's a lot of things in IM3 that i believe to be very subtle indications that we have been deceived/set up, and that Hydra was using AIM.

The name a person is given can affect things, as we saw in the Shield show. When Raina named Scorch, Coulson knew it was a bad thing. It made him easier to be manipulated by the villains. Going back to using just the name Rhodey might represent him rejecting the name that was forced on him. He would eventually change back to War Machine.

Giving War Machine the Iron Patriot rebranding was a bad thing. Even he admits it within the movie in a roundabout way (he still uses the password WarMachineRoxx). Rhodey says it tested better in focus groups, but they were probably put together by the military and possibly General Ross. The military gave him that name so he would be a symbol. There are many symbols, and lots of subtext in Im3, possibly some hidden foreshadowing, possibly ghosts of christmas past, present and future. Stark was hallucinating a bit while having the panic attacks when he saw the kid who asked about the wormhole. Both kids weren't real and tricked his mind into giving up his secrets..His mind was weak and strong at this time.

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