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Default Re: Bruce Wayne's public image

Spider-Kurt!, that totally makes sense & agree that would be a fantastic scene. Actually, if there were a paparazzi element that he had figured out how to navigate around, it would lend even more credibility to his being Batman, because how could a guy with that much attention ever find the time to be Batman?

One of the things I thought made the most sense about the TDK movies was that subterranean lair he uses while the Batcave is being rebuilt. While the Batcave should always be the 'mothership' so to speak, I think it would make a lot of sense for him to have lairs stashed all over Gotham, and a small outpost or two in Metropolis. There could also be some sort of covert parallel subway system, or even a mobile lair through the subway system, so that he can pop up all over the city after last being hounded at some totally separate location. This kind of stuff could make for some really bad ass "secret switch" scenes... and hey... Affleck already had that fake library door in his own house!

Lastly re: public appearances outside of the Batsuit, I hope that in any eventual solo Bats movie, we get a few scenes of almost-impossible-to-believe-it's-Affleck disguises as other people, which is always a treat in the comics. Hard to pull off in a movie without doing the Mission: Impossible style fake-out, but if it could really be done with Affleck, that would be siiiiick. Jeremy Brett pulled it off countless times in the '80s Sherlock Holmes movies.

Anyway, sick thread. Hope more people get in on it.

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