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Default Re: Captain America 2: News and Speculation - Part 10

So when should we expect an advertising surge for this film? What were the patterns for IM3 and Thor2? I recall they had pretty similar formats in when promotional type stuff was released. I'm thinking maybe sometime in January we start getting some posters or something right? Super Bowl will probably be the first time we see something on TV?

I can't wait to see the general audience reaction to the trailers and tv spots and stuff. I think this has the most potential to grab the audience eye just because it looks so different from what Marvel has put out.

Not that I think that comic movies are getting stale to the public but I think this film will be a nice change, much less 'popcorn-y' and a bit more 'grounded' and very much a straight up Thriller. They could almost market it as a high action type thriller film that happens to revolve around a comic character. A nice switch up in my eyes compared to the other two phase 2 movies which were a throwback buddy cop style and a fantasy epic (both which I loved and have only heard good things from others that don't read comics either.) I love the variety these films are able to have while all still being part of the same universe.

I'm especially excited for this and GotG, this one because I wasn't the biggest fan of the first Cap but that's just because I don't much care for origin stories or period pieces. This one is looking to blow me away just on the concept alone an then how it's being called Avengers 1.5 so the universe connections and ramifications are icing on the cake. guardians has me excited for the whole weirdness of it and the space epic/opera of it. I've never much cared for sci-fi but the cast alone has me hooked as well as seeing the cosmic side of Marvel.

Okay, done ranting lol.

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