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Default Re: The box office "bar of success" for Batman/ Superman.

Originally Posted by Tony Stark View Post
It's rare, but it's certainly becoming less rare. 2012 being the extreme rare case with 4 films breaking the billion mark. 2013 so far only one, but one would think H:TDOS should break a billion, although forecasting is showing this film opening lower than H:AUJ even though it's getting better critical reviews.

Foreign box office and inflation have created more billion dollar films, and will continue to do so. 2015 Avengers AoU seems poised to rule the box office, but there will certainly be room for one or two others. We'll see what happens.

I agree with your post.
Though i have to admit that blockbusters seem to hit the 1 billion mark more frequent then movies hitting 400 million domestic.
No doubt that with growing screens ( Asia in particular China is expanding) and with the help of 3-d , the billion dollar mark is becoming more frequent compared to the 400 million domestic grossers

Looking at the numbers since Phantom Menace :

2002 : SPiderman
2004 : Shrek 2
2006 : POTC 2
2008 : TDK
2009 : Avatar
2010 : TOy Story 3
2012 : Avengers , TDKR , Hunger Games
2013 : IM3

Compare that with billion dollar grossers the past ten years :
2003 : LOTR ROTK
2006 : POTC 2
2008 : TDK
2009 : Avatar
2010 : Toy Story 3 , Alice in Wonderland
2011 : Harry Potter , Transformers DOTM , POTC 4
2012 : Avengers , Skyfall , TDKR , Hobbit


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