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Default Re: Rank the Iron Man movies (IM, IM2, and IM3)

Originally Posted by metaphysician View Post
This line of argument is even worse, for it gets it all backwards on top of everything else wrong with it. Nobody is saying the 'mascot', that is, Kingsley, is the Mandarin. A somewhat more analogous metaphor would be 'What if the Joker were a behind-the-scenes manipulator who used clown-faced agents who claim to be him as pawns and distractions?' Which. . . actually sounds like a viable take on the Joker, to me, as long as his motive is still "create theatrical crime and chaos."
I disagree. That is just as bad.

Originally Posted by Lord View Post
They did get that, he was just not Asian, was blonde and didn't have the rings
Here's my gripe with that - I don't think it should just be okay to up and change the race of these comic book characters, unless it is being adapted by a certain of the character that is a different race.

They made Heimdall black and completely ignored that he's Sif's brother. They made Electro black. If race is not supposed to be important, why do they always make sure lucius fox or war machine is black?

Was it because their first comic incarnations were not white? Well then times diversity was written to be, it should be there to be realized on film as well. I know Yinsen was changed to Middle Eastern in IM1, and it's unusual for an Arab to have a name such as Ho Yinsen, but it worked very well in the film. Mandarin, on the other hand, is identified much more closely with Chinese culture than Yinsen because his parentage is specified.

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"some guy" sounds like an idiot
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'you know what let this discussion go.'
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