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Default Re: The Batsuit Thread - Part 9

Originally Posted by lujho View Post
I don't think so - the TDK cowl had such huge eyeholes and all they seemed to do was make the lenses the same size - Daredevil proves that the lenses can be done, they just have to be semi-transparent and a more interesting shape.

I found an old manip of mine - not perfect, but shows that as long as the lenses are small enough it can look pretty good. But like I said, they should be semi transparent so you can see the real eyes in close-up, unlike these which are opaque.

That's cool. But, much like DD, it makes me wonder how well the actor and stunt doubles would be able to see in terms of comfortably moving their eyes in any direction they wanted without having to turn their heads when the lenses are that small and that close to their eyes.

It's one of the reasons why I think CGI may be the better route if they don't want Batman to look like he's wearing some sort of goggles. And if they want to show that his eyes could somewhat be seen instead of straight up white, I think something like what was done in the GL posters could work...

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