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Default Re: Hugh Jackman says he's unsure about returning as Wolverine in another movie

Originally Posted by psylockolussus View Post
Wass there even a time when Hugh thought the material that FOX was offering to him in a X-Men movie wasn't good enough?

Sure, he has expressed his true feelings about X3/Origins but back in the day, he had a lot of good words with those films.

I think he's not just saying "Yes I will be back for more X-Men films" just to keep people guessing whether he will back in a X-Men movie or not. It adds more suspense, really. I wouldn't be surprised if someone told him to say that to the press.
As I understand it, Jackman was contractually obligated to do those films, that would include promoting those films. Jackman seems like a professional and generally nice guy, so of course he isn't going to bad mouth them during the production or promotion.

The difference now is that he is no longer contracted, so Fox can't force him to do another if he doesn't want to, and he'll only want to if he feels it's going to be good.

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