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Default Re: The Batsuit Thread - Part 9

Quite nice indeed! Although I think the lighter gray of your sketch is actually preferable to me for the main body- just to fully differentiate it from the black and black-ish costumes of the past. The texture of that manip is fantastic though, and man, the lines of your outfit are so damn clean and well designed. Would prefer to see it with Fleck and the white eyes, obviously.

Personally, I think that CG has gotten to the point where using it for small enhancements to principally practical photography is preferable to un-enhanced practical, if the practical isn't good enough. I'm a die-hard fan of practical for anything organic, and I'm also a total hater of stuff created in a computer out of whole cloth. But when used as an enhancement, CG can create imagery that just can't be made with props. I don't think that the white eyes I'm looking for would be possible with practical lenses alone. The motion tracking on CG is good enough to be flawlessly real looking, and there shouldn't be an issue making the lenses look built into the cowl, which I wholeheartedly agree is the only way to do the white eyes. Contacts be damned, that's just weird. And they should be retractable, certainly, for when Batman might need to deal with a civilian who he needs to convey humanity and empathy towards.

The white eyes, to me, are a must simply because we are quickly hurdling towards retinal identification in the real world, and there's no chance Batman would risk being identified that way, however unlikely and however far into the future it may be before it's done on any kind of large scale.

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