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Default Re: Siegel & Shuster vs WB: Superman and Infinite Crisis - Part 1

Superman Heirs Seek To Pull Warner Bros Back To Court In Copyright Battle
Originally Posted by DOMINIC PATTEN
Regardless of where this goes or if it goes anywhere at all, WB still can move ahead with its Batman Vs. Superman sequel to this year’s Man Of Steel. Thanks to some swift production deadline moves by WB back in 2010, the previous recent rulings in the case between DC/WB, the Shuster estate and the heirs to Supe’s other creator Jerry Siegel had no hold on the first Superman reboot or its sequels. However, the question is whether the 9th Circuit would be willing to take another look at the case? Hard to call, but it is clear that the November 21 opinion certainly wasn’t kind to Toberoff personally — something WB, which has gone after the lawyer himself, enjoyed. Judges Stephen Reinhardt and John Sedwick were stern with the lawyer and the estates for not revealing from the beginning of the litigation that Toberoff’s Pacific Pictures was pursuing an effort with the heirs to create new Superman pics and properties if the courts granted them the rights back from WB. “We note that their failure (and that of Toberoff, their attorney and business partner) to disclose this information in the 2003 notice of termination itself appears to violate the relevant regulations governing notices of termination,” the majority opinion said. Bet WB’s lawyers Daniel Petrocelli and Matthew Kline of LA firm O’Melveny & Myers will note that in any response that they make in to this week’s petition.

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