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Default Re: Official UNCANNY X-MEN Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by TheXtremisT View Post
That issue 15looks awful. Glad I'm having a break from comics for a while, because I won't feel bad missing out on that until I have enough money to catch up on all I've missed.

I'm out of the loop a little, could someone explain the suffix .INH to me? I understand it's to do with Inhumanity, but is this issue the main Uncanny issue 15, or is it like Superior Spidey 6.AU where it wasn't the official issue 6?
It's still in official continuity, just tied to the Inhumanity brand that's going through many of the books right now. Kinda like stuff like Dark Reign was done in the past, this is just a different way of doing it. I think it is the official issue 15 as well.

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