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Default Re: Hugh Jackman says he's unsure about returning as Wolverine in another movie

I think Hugh would (and I believe should) be happy to continue on as Wolverine for the foreseeable future.Not only does Hugh respect and love playing the character,I'm sure he realizes once he's done, it's over.It'll be recast (most likely) and people will move on.So why not enjoy the ride as long as you can?

I think the reason Hugh drops these hints of retiring the role has more to due with him getting fans ready for the reality that he won't be playing Logan forever.

It does get kinda annoying though.It's like a "Brett Farve" situation.The story at this point is always "Will he come back?Does he want to?Do the fans want him to?How much longer can he maintain the excellent physical condition he's in?"

Just let 'em play.If he feels he can't do the character justice,or that he's said all he has to say with Logan,he'll be the first to announce he's done.Don't harangue the guy.After the quality of work he's given us,he deserves it.

We always need to hear Both Sides of the story.

How did we get this far? Human beings have an immeasurable desire....for FF to return to Marvel.

2/9/15 Spider-Man comes home! You're next FF!
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