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Default Re: Captain America 2: News and Speculation - Part 10

Originally Posted by TeeKay View Post
I still say Red Skull is in this movie. If the ending of TDW has Loki on the Throne, the ending of IM3 has Trevor still alive and in jail, I'd say this movie will have a Red Skull reveal at the end. Probably have Crossbones (who's said to be in AoU) go somewhere and bow to the Skull, who gives him his Crossbones mask.
I definitely don't rule out the possibility. I don't even rule out the possibility that Hugo Weaving's complaints about the character were all bluster and he's secretly filmed scenes for the movie.

But from a timeline standpoint, it's a lot harder to figure out. We know Skully went *somewhere* via the Cube, and we know damn well that, if they even remotely pay homage to the comics, he'll be back in modern times to reprise his role as Cap's archnemesis. But I just get the feeling that if/when they do bring him back, it's going to require a whole film to center around that return ---- how, why, where, what, the whole enchilada. Just having Redford pull off his "mask" to reveal he was Skully all along, or saving him for a post-credit stinger, is way too cheap and deus ex.


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