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Default Re: The box office "bar of success" for Batman/ Superman.

Originally Posted by InJustice View Post
Just because the Nolan films were popular doesn't mean that people will always flock to see Batman movies because of Nolan's contributions. You have to take into account that Christian Bale is not going to be in this movie, and we have a different creative direction for Batman. Already it has deviated from Nolan's films, meaning that comparing TDK and TDKR's box office success is completely irrelevant. That being said I must ask, how is TDK and TDKR's box office success even relevant to MOSII?
Batman is a bigger name than Christopher Nolan.

Many said Amazing Spider-Man was going to bomb because no one wanted a reboot. It didn't perform as well as the previous installment, but still did well. 25% drop domestic, 10% drop foreign.

My thought process is that the whole "Christopher Nolan" whining and ranting will only extend to these shores, and that half of the fans that would have left due to a reboot, will stick around due to curiosity over the two most famous Superheroes of all time finally duking it out, and teaming together. I see this doing roughly $400 M domestic, or about a 10% drop from The Dark Knight Rises.

Foreign box-office is a different story. This is the sort of movie foreign audiences eat up. Giant, bombastic, 3-D, with two icons (one of whom, is the only eponymous film character to have 2 $1 B movies.) I'm saying the absolute floor for this is $600 M foreign.

Calling this a Man of Steel II is incredibly reductive, when a Super Hero more popular than Superman is co-starring. That's why the Dark Knight/ DKR's performances matter to this film.

Originally Posted by InJustice View Post
You being a Marvel guy should know better than most people about how these things work. Let's not forget, a LOT of people were very skeptical about how Avengers would work and it took Phase I to build up to an eventual blockbuster. For Superman/Batman film, we know absolutely nothing about how the plot would be structured, if Affleck is fantastic in his role, if Superman is irrelevant because of the inclusion of other DC characters. It leaves way too many questions that no one should even be thinking $1bil until we see what direction WB/DC/Snyder/Goyer is taking. At least Marvel's Phase I answered some of the questions so that when you go into the Avengers, you know what you're expecting.
These aren't unfamiliar characters though. It doesn't matter that it's not Richard Donner's Superman, or Christopher Nolan's Batman. We have seen these two characters in a combined Thirteen films, 3 live action tv series, 5-6 animated series, and about 40 video games. While many people knew, for example, who Captain America was, they didn't know anything about him. That's not the case for Superman and Batman.

Originally Posted by InJustice View Post
Again, we still don't know. A lot of people said MOS is auto-billion dollars (not keeping in mind that no origin story reboot has ever grossed 1bil) and look how silly they look now.
The people who thought Man of Steel was an auto-billion were basing it on nothing but wishful thinking. I'm basing it on taking a movie that grossed $665 Million, and adding an EVEN MORE popular character to the sequel.

Two years ago, there were people arguing The Avengers would only be marginally more successful than Iron Man 2. We saw how those predictions went; Avengers outgrossed Iron Man by nearly 900 Million. I'm arguing that the presence of Batman will add at least $350 to the box office. I don't think that's unreasonable.

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