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Default Re: The box office "bar of success" for Batman/ Superman.

Originally Posted by Marvin View Post
A man of steel sequel would no doubt do about as well as an ASM sequel(given it's original pretty much did the same). I see ASM2 flirting with a billion, it's youtube traffic is pretty telling. There is something to be said for laying the seeds in a reboot. From batman begins to james bond it's always the same.

All that being said, this is def similar to the avengers paradigm where cynics or even realists simply didn't account for the power of zeitgeist and predicted numbers begetting the typical marvel ilk of that time (IM2) was their biggest going in..

Pretty sure we're going to see a similar phenomena take place here, with a controller being quality. I also think the producers probably have alot better footing given all the feed back both interms of audience and even the approach of vfx and such.

Lastly, had SR not come out...and MOS was the first since Donner, things might have gone down a bit differently. Same with ASM, Begins even. Reboots are hard to extrapolate from.

I personally find Days of Future past to be the hardest film to predict for.
Agreed on all counts except for your signature. Marvel would've made Apocalypse a crack addicted actor.

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