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Default Re: Captain America 2: News and Speculation - Part 10

Death of Captain America != No more Steve Rogers /Chris Evans

Steve coming back is part of the story. Steve being a main character/active while he's dead is part of the story. Bucky Cap is inherently temporary. I wish you guys would stop discussing Death of Captain America as though it was a story where Cap doesn't come back, because it isn't.

Originally Posted by Suzanne78 View Post
CapWolf excepted (sorry WT ) what would be a good personal arc for Cap for a third film that might incorporate the fallout from Ultron?

Hmmm… maybe something where he has to deal with an Infinity Gem falling into his hands as a lead up to Thanos? Maybe the reappearance of the Red Skull (provided he doesn't appear in this movie)?

It seems like we're getting a mix of TWS and the Captain America No More storyline where he defies orders and the government/SHIELD's out gunning for him in CATWS. So I'm at a loss for the other better known Cap stories from his past.
The only truly classic story that hasn't been solidly run through is War & Rememberance, which has Steve potentially bidding for a presidential campaign and a very tragic end for the vampiric foe Baron Blood. Captain America 3: Steve Rogers: Vampire Hunter, basically.

An arguably classic story by Kirby is Bicentennial Battles, where Steve Rogers travels through time going through America's history. Would tie in great with the Time Gem. Of course, if Steve is lost in history, people might think he's dead. Man... wouldn't it be funny if there's another recent and popular story where Steve is traveling through time while people think he's dead?

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