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Default Re: War Machine Better Be in This One

Originally Posted by Bert View Post
This is getting a little nutty...
Hi, I'm your host, fixxxer. You may remember me from obscure posts such as "Defending The Melinda May Character", "Liv Tyler's Performance In TIH Was Top Notch Dammit" and "Movie Critics Have Sworn A Blood Vendetta Against The Thor Sequel And I Can Prove It". Welcome to another episode of "The Weird And Wonderful World Of LokiD/TRM's Absurdist MCU Rantings".

This week, LokiD blathers on about movies happening in Tony's mind. But that's not all. We have multiple Mandarins, techno-Mandarins... well everything but Mandarin oranges. We have mind controlled Mandarins. We have dragon-mind-created Mandarins. We have Mandarin-mind-created dragons. We have have it all! Take it away LokiD...

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