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Default Re: Hugh Jackman says he's unsure about returning as Wolverine in another movie

At this point, I only see him coming back for an "event" type of sequel to satisfy the fanbase, where the pay is really good and the people you get to work with again make it all worthwhile. It will be a waste of time doing another isolated story like The Wolverine and repeating the same themes representative of the character. Obviously Mangold needs to be back and Hugh is close to Liev personally, so if they could bring him back as Sabertooth and make that dynamic work again with a proper script, that alone may be worth it. I don't think Hugh will want to rehash elements of previous movies. Pending the outcome of DoFP, many believe that history will have to be re-written for the character after 1973, so what story do you tackle in that time period? Or do you pick it up before the after credit scene in The Wolverine? Whatever the case, getting Mangold completely on board and giving both him and Hugh creative freedom to tell their story will be essential. I think as a compromise, Fox will want to include fan favorites like Sabertooth, Omega Red, and possibly ancillary X-Men characters to make this the "event" movie it needs to be. I think if they find the balance between those two things while making this another worthwhile movie making experience, Hugh will be back. Wolverine 3 is it though, I can't see him in X-Men:A or anything else.

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