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Default Re: Anime: Why you love/hate it so much?

I was resistant to anime for a very, very long time. I watched the cut up American version of Sailor Moon as a kid, loved Pokemon and gave Dragonball Z a passing glance ones or twice but that was about it. I hated Dragonball Z as a kid really, which made me an outcast from most of the other boys Anime just rubbed me the wrong way. The animation itself looks amazing, but the overly dramatic voice acting and OTT reaction shots (I still don't know the term for those. You know the faces that get big in anger or the giant sweat beads or the bloody noses and all that jazz) pushed me away.

When manga took over my high school I was just like...."pffft, screw that I have my Batman, Spider-Man and other comics. I don't need to waste time with manga."

I loved the Miyazaki films and Akira but I never considered them "anime" out of my own stubborn and idiotic rejection of genre and word itself. I just saw them as animated movies from Japan. I mostly had this dumb mindset because they lacked the trademarks I saw in other anime that turned me off.

I was half dragged into watching the the original, uncut Sailor Moon by my now wife and once I got over the annoying voice acting and OTT exaggerated reactions I got into the complete craziness that is the plot. The animation is great and as the show progresses the character get real depth the plots become truly interesting. I dug it. Still not enough to make me dive deeper into anime though.

I just recently, a few days ago in fact, started watching anime. I saw Sage from TGWTG do a top 20 giant robots countdown. Most of said robots were from the mecha anime genre. Now, I love another Japanese institution: Godzilla. One of my favorite kaiju from Godzilla is Mecha-Godzilla. I also love Pacific Rim, the Iron Giant, Transformers, the America cut of Voltron, and I like most kids in the 90s adored Power Rangers. So giant robots have always appealed to me. I knew peripherally that the mecha genre was huge in Japan but never really gave it much thought. Not until Sages video did I say "Hey, this stuff looks freakin' cool."

So I contacted my anime loving buddy and he gave me a list of his personal favorites. I was strictly wanting only mecha but he only had one on his list which was Evangelion. I had heard of it but know it's heavy and wanted something a little lighter to start with so I started watching Gurren Lagann and Giant Robo. Both of which are entertaining the hell out of me. I also started Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood which is his favorite. While it has the trademarks that annoy me it is pretty awesome so far. I've powered through the first season and a half in two days and it's only getting better and better.

I'm pleased to finally be interested in anime. It's culture fascinates me and I can't wait to dive into more.

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