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Originally Posted by xeno000 View Post
Was. That's the operative word. As soon as I read that they were bringing Mike Peterson back I predicted he'd be killed and it looks like I'm right. It could turn out that he survived somehow but I'm so damned used to Black characters buying it that I won't bet on any last-minute miracles. More importantly, the producers made a beeline for the cliche without even blinking.
Or, and here's just a thought: the producers and writers know damn well that the cliche is cliche, and just wanted people to jump to the same conclusion that you did...."black guy dies first." And they have every intention of bringing him back in the next episode, alive and well, to subvert the trope.

Yes, the writers of the show aren't Shakespeare. But I've got enough faith in them to believe that they wouldn't be as stupid and stuck-in-the-80s enough to fall for the stereotype. If they really wanted to kill Peterson, they would've at least given him a hero's self-eulogy and let him say goodbye to his kid.


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