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Default Re: Quicksilver's hair - how should it look?

Originally Posted by Figs View Post
That's what people with no imagination or creativity said about the X-men costumes from the comics. They way they did them in First Class looked perfectly fine. If people thought those looked silly then I'm confident in my opinion that those people don't read or like comics. If you do, then I'm shocked because like a lot of directors for these films, you seem to be ashamed of the source material. They could alter his mask to make it work and I'm willing to bet they didn't even try for the movie.
Thing is Hawkeye's costume is from the Ultimates, it still derives from source material. Hawkeye's mask is pointless, just like Wolverine's cowl. He doesn't need it imo. The X-men films didn't even consider deriving from any source material and went for generic black leather suits that have no resemblence to the source material at all.

Originally Posted by The Guard View Post
It has something resembling a head and eyes, but a face?
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