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Default Re: Steven Spielberg calls the Nolan Batman movies beautiful art films

It's amazing to me how many people who are huge fans of the Nolan trilogy today were completely blindsided by Begins. I kind of envy that experience. I was following "Batman 5" since like 2000 via BOF so I remember the day Nolan was first announced as director, the day Bale was cast, etc. I had a pretty good feeling the movie was going to be something special by the time June 2005 rolled around.

I firmly believe that Batman Begins woke up a lot of "dormant" Batman fans though. I have a friend who attributes BB for getting him back into comics, and now he's the most hardcore comic reader I know. What's also interesting is I find that people who went into it somewhat blind are often the people who rate it as their favorite. Just something I've observed in my experience.

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