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Default Re: Bat-Character Costumes for a High School Stage Play

If you're like me, you're tired of our young people having THE ARTS being cut... more and more each year... from their school curriculum! Each year, Performing Arts students and their teachers have less and less resources to put on really good quality shows!

That bothered me SO MUCH that I decided to do something about it!! I've written my OWN stage play (entitled "Fathers Of The Dark Knight"), and it will feature a cast made up primarily of middle school, high school, and college-age drama students!!

I'm giving these kids an ambitious, excellent show to call their OWN!! I want them to have the BEST sets, the BEST costumes, the BEST props!! I do this because they deserve the best. I do this because they deserve to have a top quality way to showcase their talent!

I do this because I love them.

But I really need help.

Please visit our official website at FATHERS OF THE DARK . Take your time visiting the site and get a good up-close look at all the props, costumes stage designs and top-notch production value that has been fabricated FROM SCRATCH for this student production.

Then, if you are so inclined, please come back to our GO FUND ME campaign and make a donation to our enterprise.Your dollars will help me make these students shine on stage like never before. You can help me give them an experience that they will carry with them for a lifetime! What could have more artistic value than that?

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