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Default Re: Write-A-Scene for the Superman/Batman movie

Originally Posted by DarkSentinel View Post
New little scene for my WF fan script

Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:

SUPERMANíS POV: The camera blurs in and out of focus. Heís staring straight up at a CATHEDRAL of stalactites, hanging above him like a gaping maw of stone. We hear what Clark hears: the SCREECHING of hundreds, thousands of bats, their wings fluttering as they flit about the darkness. Then he hears the telltale TAPPING of fingers on a keyboard.

Superman groans as he rights himself, sitting up. As he realizes that he isnít restrained, mild surprise plays at his face.

Sitting at the foot of a MASSIVE, WIDE-SCREENED SUPERCOMPUTER at the far end of the cave is Batman: Back turned, cowl hanging about his shoulders, revealing close-cropped black hair.

Youíre awake. Good.

Where am I?

Gotham City. The Palisades.


Relax. I took the liberty of informing your editor that Iíd invited you to take an exclusive tour of Wayne Enterprisesí Applied Sciences Division. Iím sure thatíll go a long way to getting you the journalistic credit youíve been stringing for.

We pause on Supermanís face as the realization comes to him. Batman swivels around in the chair, revealing himself as BRUCE WAYNE. But we already knew that.

I was planning on making this more of a dramatic occasion, but I guess this is as good a time as any.

So youíre the psychotic vigilante?

We all have our own methods, Clark. In my case it helps to establish a persona that discourages people from making stupid decisions. Not that they always get the hint. Iíve got this one clown whoís crazy enough to actively push my buttons on a regular basis.

Your cowl...lead-lined?

Iíve been operating in the shadows for well over a decade. And in that decade surveillance tech has jumped about twenty years. It gets harder to keep a low profile when thereís a camera on every street corner with x-ray and thermal imaging. I guess your special sight has similar restrictions.

Alright, now get to the point. How do you know who I am? Why did you bring me here?

You really think a pair of glasses and ruffled hair is enough to fool a guy like me? C'mon, Clark, I make a living playing roles. I know every tell there is.
Iíve done my best to keep my efforts concentrated on Gotham. This is my home. I grew up here, and I intend to die here. One day. But recent events have brought to light certain realities. Paradigm shifts, if you will...

Wayne hits a key and a MAP flickers on screen. Several areas of the map are highlighted by red circles.

Youíre not the only big story to make my own personal headlines, Clark. Here--
(points to a circle encompassing the general area of the ďBermuda TriangleĒ)
--thereís been a dramatic increase in magnetic fluctuations over the past five years. And here--
(another circle, over Coast City, CA)
I managed to retrieve records of a similar ďcrash landingĒ to the one that brought you here.
(pause, the two stare at each other)
Clark, these are just two examples of metanormal activity. There are dozens of instances happening across the planet. And now Lex Luthor is collecting this.

Wayne swivels around and brings up a high-focus image. Clarkís blood interspersed with microscopic green particles.

Your friend Zod left a lot more behind than just a bunch of tech for us to reverse-engineer. His ship carried radioactive fragments of your destroyed homeworld along with it. It reacts adversely to your physiology. Itís why I brought you here. You need to know that there are people who can help you, but that there are also people who want to hurt you and control you. If for no other reason than their own personal gain. I canít afford to be naÔve, Clark. Not in this line of work. And neither can you. So do yourself a favor, and keep one eye on your back. It doesnít matter if bullets bounce off your chest, everyone gets stabbed in the back at some point. And it always, always hurts.
I can't tell you enough how much I enjoy your writing.

Come think with us:

Zack Snyder doesn't understand Superman or Superheroes in general.
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