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Default Re: Neill Blomkamp’s next project... ELYSIUM? - Part 1

Originally Posted by DA_Champion View Post
A decent movie, I think the problem is that the third act was too long, too much action, which is the story of 2013.
personally, i think the film has a ton of flaws but i do not find length, in any way, to be one of them. if anything the film is a tad too short, some elements felt like they needed more fleshing out.

Elysium is supposed to be an action movie, first and foremost. i really don't think that there was all that much action at the end. a decent chunk, yeah, but without that then the movie as a whole would have precious little action besides the heist setpiece in the middle.

maybe you just didn't care for the action at the end, which is understandable, it has some cool moments throughout but the heist scene was a lot more memorable, i thought. but i'm surprised that you felt that there was too much action in general, considering the film's genre. to each his own, i guess.

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