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Default Re: The Official Star Trek: Deep Spae Nine Thread

Basically, when Worf entered the show in season 4, he propelled it to TNG levels. He really was the missing piece to the show, it started becoming hella awesome.

Terry Farrell......dear christ she is ****ing gorgeous. Tied with Marina Sirstis as the hottest Star Trek babe of all time. Jadzia and Worf were amazing together. Show completely lost me when they killed off Jadzia and added that other girl, then she started sleeping around the ship with Bashir oh hell no that sucked. Seasons 4-6 was the prime. Sisko's second officer was hot too, tough character, but ultimately annoying tho.

Sisko himself was good. As a African American I was proud of him. I also loved seeing O'Brien there carried over from TNG, he was a cool character but the real character was his wife. Kieko was a fine piece of shut yo mouth, yummy. She also was a good character and actress in and of herself as demonstrated in the episode where she was possessed. She deserved more screen time.

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