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Default Re: Hugh Jackman IS The Wolverine Thread - Part 1

Originally Posted by The Guard View Post
Magneto has a cape mostly because he's a character who flies. The cape helps with the illusion of flight. And Magneto obviously feels he's some kind of regal, entitled mutant, and a leader of others. The cape speaks to his personality in a sense.

Wasn't an argument. It was my thoughts on yours.

In both the comics and the movies, Batman wears the cowl to make himself look less human, to hide his identity and to intimidate, not only to help with the whole "Bat" motif, but since horns are culturally accepted as a supernatural/evil image. Batman's cowl also functions as a protective measure and an offensive weapon, and the ears, within the most recent film universe, are shown to hold communications/surveillance devices. In the comics, the cowl also contains night vision and infrared lenses, computer linkup, and various other gadgetry.

Superman wears the cape because it gives him a more regal, inspirational image (its often depicted as similar to angel wings), and a slightly more medieval look, which, at least in the films, connects him to his Kryptonian heritage. And visually, it looks fantastic in flight and more to the point, helps with the illusion of flight.

Thor wears chainmail because it helps depict him as a more involved and active warrior, and also hints at the quasi sci-fi/medieval/mythological nature of his heritage. The cape is there for similar reasons to Superman, Storm, and Magneto. The regal nature of the character, etc.

I don't remember the majority of fans wanting Captain America in his Agent Rogers suit. That's just absurd.

Wolverine doesn't need to hide his identity, at least in the movies. Wolverine's mask looks nothing like the wolverine animal, so that's not really a good reason. Yellow isn't likely to intimidate. Wolverine doesn't fly, so he doesn't need his costume to assist with the illusion of it. And as far as I know, he doesn't need giant ears/horns full of surveillance equipment, especially since he has enhanced senses.

So what are the actual reasons for Wolverine's classic costume?

I get Wolverine HAVING a costume, as it identifies him as part of the X-Men. But there's no reason it HAS to be yellow and blue, or feature a mask, other than it always has been. Of course, even that isn't accurate. He's also worn orange, brown, black, gray, and a cowboy hat and leather jacket or Japanese clothing over the years.
Someone that I know described Wolverine's cowl as looking like a "poorly cut out Mickey Mouse mask." I found that amusing.

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