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Default Re: Lex Luthor Casting Thread - Part 5

Originally Posted by I SEE SPIDEY View Post
Where is the proof that he would do a comicbook movie?
If anyone was born to play a superhero, it's Brad Pitt, thanks to his chiseled good looks and generally hunky demeanor. So, in his new flick, "Megamind," out Friday (November 5), Pitt suited up as Metro Man, archnemesis to the evil Megamind (voiced by Will Ferrell). Unfortunately for the mothers of the world who will get dragged to theaters this weekend, Pitt is only a hero in animation.

"Do you want to wear the costume, really?" he wondered to MTV News at the flick's New York premiere, where we caught up with all of the film's stars. "One of the dreams is not having to put on makeup or put on wardrobe. It's not a bad gig. It's pretty easy."

For years, Pitt has been the go-to Hollywood stud, and it's almost surprising that it took this long to get him in tights. And, he said he can't recall any other times he has been linked, even in rumors, to a superhero role.

So, why was "Megamind" the perfect way for him to stretch his superhero muscles?

"It's my kids; try and score some points with my kids," he said of his six children with Angelina Jolie. "You're a dad: Dads are square. But, also, this one's got Jeffrey Katzenberg behind it, and Will Ferrell's really big in our house, and Jonah Hill's the next coming. What more do you need?"

And, if his small army of children isn't impressed by his A-list movie career, what does impress the Jolie-Pitt crew? "It's bribery. It's candy. Really!" he explained, adding what works for him: "Just a little caress."
He'd do it.

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