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Default Re: The Dark Knight Rises is in UK's top 10 favourite film soundtracks of all time

It's in strange company there for sure, but hey, it was voted to its spot. Hopefully someone will rip the BBC orchestra's performance. I'm not entirely sure what cue or cues they mean by "Suite".

But if any Zimmer Batman film was gonna make a list like that, I'm glad it's Rises. I seem to be in the minority but I think it's head and shoulders above the previous two scores. I'm STILL listening to it on a regular basis.

It does recycle/reprise a lot, yeah, and that's to be expected in a threequel. But there was also a wealth of new material, and all of that stuff felt like it was on another level to me.

PS- For anyone interested, check out my rock/metal meets orchestral custom suite I did of various TDKT themes with an emphasis on TDKR material in my sig below.

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