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Default Re: Lex Luthor Casting Thread - Part 5

It just seems like WB's is going after A listers for the role of Lex. As they should be. Plus Phoenix is being looked at. That is the only reason I hoping they look at actors like McConaghey, Pitt, Gyllenaall and Denzel if Phoenix doesn't take the role. Whether or not actors of this caliber would consider taking on the role is another matter.

However, Phoenix, McConaghey, Pitt, Gyllenhaal, and Denzel have all played roles in movies that were probably less exciting and enticing than potentially stealing the show as a baddie like Lex Luthor in a big time blockbuster film like the Batman/Superman movie. They can also potentially be paid a nice % of what the film makes overall on top of their base pay. If it just comes down to an attitude of a CBM film being "beneath them" than whatever. That is their loss on a potentially big pay day.

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