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Default Re: Hugh Jackman IS The Wolverine Thread - Part 1

Originally Posted by The Guard View Post
I don't remember the majority of fans wanting Captain America in his Agent Rogers suit. That's just absurd.
It wasn't the majority of fans, just people who thought it would look ridiculous in live-action, similar to the people who feel the same about Wolverine's costume.

Originally Posted by The Guard View Post
I get Wolverine HAVING a costume, as it identifies him as part of the X-Men. But there's no reason it HAS to be yellow and blue, or feature a mask, other than it always has been. Of course, even that isn't accurate. He's also worn orange, brown, black, gray, and a cowboy hat and leather jacket or Japanese clothing over the years.
He had the yellow and blue before the X-Men, he wore it for Department H. And six years later, when they switched it to orange and brown, fans sent thousands of letters to Marvel requesting the yellow and blue be brought back. Eight years after that, the same thing happened again when they replaced the orange and brown for an all black suit and fans once more wrote thousands of letters requesting he return to his costume be it yellow and blue or orange and brown. This time Marvel complied since it was the character's first solo run and in issue #14 he got his orange and brown costume back. Five years later after more complaining from readers he got the yellow and blue back.

So for 40 years fans have loved him in his classic suit. They've tolerated variations but have always preferred seeing him in his true costume. We're going through the same thing in films now. 14 years and no costume but fans are still hoping they'll give it to him.

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