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Default Re: So now, which Thor is your favorite?

Originally Posted by Silver Surfer View Post
No Ultimate Thor?

Good comment !

I still prefer Simonson's Thor, perhaps less for Thor himself but for what Simonson did with the surrounding cast and storylines.

As for the Thunderer himself, I will have to agree with you, Ultimate Thor is pretty damn good. A simpler concept than the whole prayer-god-butcher-thorforce thing, I find that **** just weird, and makes the character unrelatable....well more unrelatable than a demi-god who looks like a pro-surfer on steroids, anyway, just IMO.

In terms of modern comics versions of Thor, I agree Ultimate Thor is the best, hands down. Sticks with what makes the character great, his noble intentions, and doesn't get all weird with his powers.

So, while not quite Simonson Thor, Ultimate Thor is highly worthy to wield the hammer. (BTW I would suggest that Movie Thor draws as much on ultimate Thor as Simonson Thor, so again good call).

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