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Default Re: A second viewing

So there you go. A logical review why Man Of Steel was a really good action film and a terrible "Superman" movie.
Actually, none of what you said is logic, in fact the statement "What I liked" expressly states that what you are giving is an opinion. Kind of like saying, here is an apple, and then showing us an orange.

I'm not attacking your opinion, you are entitled to it, and if you didn't like those things about MOS, fair enough. That's cool. But logic is a series of reasonable inferences that are supported by evidence or facts. Just saying something is bad or laughable is not logic.

As for me, first viewing, pure awesomeness.

Subsequent viewings revealed a lot of subtlety (particularly in the visuals on Krypton).
Gets better every time I see it. My number one film of the year, and one I had at least as much emotional connection to as even the best of the original Superman films.

But this is just IMO.

Also, IMO, people who say it wasn't a Superman film are hung up on the old Donner/Reeve films. Weird, because nobody said when Batman begins came out
"It's not a Batman film" because it was much, much darker than Burton's (although I concede that Batman did not open fire on henchmen with cannons and rockets from a jet, which he did in BM '89, presumably killing them).
Again, this is just IMO, and that MOS is a perfect reimagining of Superman for the 21st century. Loved it.

Peace out Superfans !
so in summary, MOS awesome !

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