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Default Re: A second viewing

Originally Posted by Slushy View Post
You know what I mean.

Sorry dude, pet peeve, when people use the word logic incorrectly.

I get what you're saying about MOS being an action film, but not a Superman film.

I disagree, but really it all comes down to opinions. All the stuff that
you didn't like, actually worked for me. Whereas there were a couple of
things I didn't care for, but you didn't mention.

Again, like I said, you're totally entitled to your opinion, but think about this ? Do you think it wasn't a good Superman film because....

a) it wasn't like the earlier movies (well the good ones anyway) ?

b) it didn't fit with what you think a Superman movie should be like ?
If Superman did stuff in the film, and you went "Superman doesn't do that" then this is probably why you didn't like it.

Here's a thought for you. Feel free to reject it, but anyway, try watching
MOS with an open mind, like as in forget everything you know about Superman, or at least think you know ( until he killed Zod in MOS, I never bothered to look up how many people he killed in the comics, which is a few, even some execution style).

So, forget what you know about Superman, or put it to the back of your mind, and instead think, okay, maybe for 2013 Superman has to be different (as in not like he was in 1978, and I was there dude, in 1978 SM the movie was the most awesome film ever, and that's saying a lot as Star Wars came out the year before).
Anyway, if you try that, and then still don't like all the stuff you mentioned,
fair enough. Too bad you didn't enjoy it, but that's cool, just IYO.

I say this, because I went in to the film, thinking I was going to hate it, because I knew about stuff like Jonathan Kent's death, and the killing of Zod, and I was all, "say whaaaaat?" but when I saw the film with an open mind, that stuff actually worked for me, and I loved it.

Just a thought dude. Cheers !

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