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Default Re: Captain America 2: News and Speculation - Part 10

Originally Posted by cherokeesam View Post
I agree that there's no need to wade through as much exposition as the first movie to assemble the Avengers this time, but it's going to require a little bit more than just "Stark called them all over." Thor, in particular, is going to require a good bit of explanation, since Tony will assume he's still on Asgard --- as will the rest of the general movie audience. The only people who even know Thor returned to Earth at the *very* end of TDW are Jane Foster and the handful of yucks like us who stick around for the post-post credits.
You don't need to have seen the post-credits scene. In the last scene of The Dark World, Thor announces his will to return to Earth and be with Jane.

That's about enough, IMO.

Thor isn't really one for laying low. He's also the friendly warrior type so a little while after reuniting with Jane, it is conceivable that he then went and contacted the most visible member of the Avengers (and he already knows his address).

Ultimately, regardless of how much effort has to be put into reassembling the team, that effort falls completely on A2.

If it takes 15 minutes to bring the team back together, then Whedon has to find a way to make room for those 15 minutes in A2.

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